Fort Prinzenstein

“Until the lion has a historian, the hunter will always be a hero”
(quote scrawled on a wall inside the Fort’s dungeon)


Prinzenstein (stone of the Prince) was erected in 1784 by the Danes and is one of the most spectacular relics of colonialism in Keta. In the colonial era, the fort served as a prison, a role it continued to serve until it was damaged by waves during a storm in 1980.

The fort served as a transit point for slaves from Accra, Northern Volta, Togo and Dahomey in Benin.  They were marched from their villages and taken to the slaves markets in Keta and Atorkor, where you can see a memorial of the slave trade.


From there, the slaves were brought to Fort Prinzenstein and were subjected to a through physical examination by a medical expert. It was followed by the barbaric European practice of branding. A red-hot iron with the name or coat of arms of the company was used to burn a mark on the bodies of the slaves.

The fort offers as a step back in time and an insight into an area of history that cannot be ignored.


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