Keta is full of very good and reasonably priced accommodation. The opportunities for exploration are excellent, aided by the presence of guest houses or hotels at several points along the coast.

Most of them offer plenty of activities to keep you entertained, such as: swimming and canoeing on the salt water lagoon, boat trips down the Volta River to the sea, dancing and drumming lessons, nocturnal turtle patrols, live music, reggae nights…

Contact: (+233) (0) 0362622239
Location: 500m from the center of Woe in the direction of Dabala, near Keta.
Facilities: It lies in pleasant gardens, and it offers nineteen rooms, which are well kept. There is a security car park. Spacious restaurant and drinking bar are attached.

Contact: (+233) (0) 243528248 / Email:
Location: Right on the beach behind Fort Pinzestein.
Facilities: Under the same management as Maranatha Beach Camp, Ada Foah, this fun beach camp consists of reed huts adorned with brightly painted world flags and bucket showers. The camp is the ideal spot for relaxing or swimming in the ocean. But be aware that the waters can get quite choppy so caution is highly advised!
Food: There is a good beach bar and restaurant serving a decent range of continental dishes. Generally, meals must be ordered ahead as, often food needs to be purchased from the market then cooked.
Prices: Beach hut with one double bed – 20 GC, or with two double beds – 40 GC. You can also pitch your own tent for 5 GC.

(Sun, sea and sand and Emancipation Beach Camp)

Contact: (+233) (0) 362652288
Location: Situated within the serene residential area of Keta. Next to the main road, 2km before the center. It is the closest hotel to the town centre.
Facilities: Self-contained rooms with TV/Fans, Air Conditioners and a restaurant and bar service in addition to a conference hall and communication facilities. Meals are served in the restaurant and pleasantly wooded garden bar with swimming pool. Cold beers are available. The hotel also has an internet room plus WiFi!
Prices: Ranging from 25 to 70 GC, this hotel has a wide variety of rooms depending on the facilities you require. Possibly one of the most value for money hotels in Keta.

(Swimming pool outside Keta Beach Hotel)

Contact: Tel. (+233) (0) 362642393
Location: Tegbi, past the Keta Beach Hotel, on the seaward side of the main road.
Facilities: It offers self-contained double rooms with air conditioned, fridge and TV.

Contact: Tel. (+233) (0) 362642616
Location: On the main road, Joy Line, Dzelokope
Facilities: Owned by a friendly pair of twins whose pictures adorn the walls of the large common-room-cum-restaurant. It offers good sized and well equipped, self-contained rooms. Local and continental dishes are available upon request.

Contact: Tel. 0243-541734/0241-671399
Location: Just down the road from Keta Beach Hotel, closer to the beach.
Facilities: For those looking for a little taste of luxury at a reasonable price, Adelaide’s is a good place to start. With exceptionally clean and airy, if slightly sterile looking rooms kitted out with flat screen TVs, air con, comfortable beds and en suite, you would be hard pressed to find a more luxurious place to stay in Keta. Newly built, Adelaide’s guest house was still lacking internet facilities and a swimming pool at the time of writing, but this may be subject to change.

One of Adelaide's huge and pristine suites

One of Adelaide’s huge and pristine suites

Contact: Tel. (+233) (0) 362642162
Location: Tegbi, 7km from central Keta on the ocean side of the main Dabala road.
Facilities: Ultra modern hotel facility with an extra-ordinary scenic beauty. It has twenty self-contained rooms with TV/video, split-unit air conditioners, soft-carpet, fridge and telephone facilities. Complementary facilities include beach resort, swimming pool and a conference hall among others.

Contact: Tel. (+233) (0) 3620913960 / Email: / Website:
Location: Dzita, around 1km south of the Dabala junction off the main Keta – Anyanui road.
Facilities: A relaxing eco-lodge surrounded by swaying coconut palms and with the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the beach. It consists of traditional-style thatched-roofed double huts with en suite and private balcony. Camping is also permitted, and tents with sheets and mattress are available for hire.


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